A Way Out Director Next Game Might Be Revealed Soon

Josef Fares has created a name for himself at the games sector, not just for his boisterous personality, but also as a programmer of really great games with the likes of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and A Way Out.

We have known for some time he and his staff are working in their next job , which is also released by EA, and we may soon be hearing what that match will be.

Responding lately into some tweet concerning Fares notorious minute at 2017’s The Sport awards, GamesBeat reporter Jeff Grubb teased that individuals should”prepare for more of it shortly.

While that is by no means a tease that is definite and may indicate any number of items, it is worth contemplating that Fares’ match has been in development for a few years now, meaning that it may be all set for a show.

Furthermore, EA has also declared their yearly EA Play this time an electronic occasion, for obvious reasons — will be happening on June 11, so that is a fairly likely stage for this kind of announcement.

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