Death End Re Quest 2 Launches This Summer In The West

Night and day

Throughout Midday and the dormitory, you may pay a visit to and research Le Choara to look for clues.

As evening sets in, town metamorphoses into a shell of itself. From the shadows creep carnivorous monsters of the night.


She finds inhabitants that lurk throughout town after dark, although hopeful, Mai attempts to locate her kin.

Key Characteristics

Beware of this Berserker — Throughout dungeon A faceless, combat and Exploration figure will look from nowhere.

After it seems, the figure will display a place of attack. Her team and mai must step away in the field of assault of the Berserker, As it will kill anyone.

By nighttime, Mai and her way will struggle Through monsters stylized in a RPG.

However, her team, Mai and this moment can Shadow Matter tougher! By flinging party members critters, combo your strikes!‚Äč

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