GTA 6 Release Rumors Shot Down By Take-Two Itself

In a statement, Take-Two representative disclosed that the spike in its funding reflects marketing obligations made to third party firms.

It looks like we will have to keep waiting to have a better idea of if the next game in the crime set that is open-world will arrive.

A promotion budget for writer Take-Two may point into a 2023 or ancient 2024 window to its long-awaited GTA 6.

Take-Two direction has spoken quite confidently about the pipeline during the next five decades, and present live services implementation has been outstanding.

On the other hand, another Grand Theft Auto continues top-of-mind for investors, especially with all the inventory near all-time-highs.

Sure, that might imply GTA 6 could come out a Whole decade following GTA 5; however, with Rockstar enjoying the fruits of labor done, it seems sensible that the programmer would not be racing to churn out GTA 6.

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