Jak And Daxter Remake In Development For PS5

Bluepoint Games has established itself as one of the top studios in The industry when remastering and remaking older games.

This Rumor originates from 4chan, so fans should take it with a massive grain of salt. Nevertheless, there have been valid gaming escapes from 4chan, and so there is always of the off-chance that the”leaker” is telling the truth.

It would occur during the PS5 game show of Sony itself anticipated taking place. However, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic can certainly shift those plans, so fans should not be marking their calendars with any dates yet.

The identical leak says that Bluepoint is also working on a Legacy of Kain remake for the PS5.

The studio itself appears to have triumphed as much, though other reports have suggested that it’s creating a Legend of Dragoon remake instead. The more probable scenario is that many, if not all, of those leaks are imitation, although Obviously, it’s undoubtedly that Bluepoint has numerous matches in development.

Whatever Bluepoint Is currently working on, its foundation with Sony means the game will be Coming to the PS5. It is just a question of precisely what it is.

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