Resident Evil-Related Announcement Coming June 10th

It is no hyperbole to state the Resident Evil franchise is the largest terror franchise in gaming history, and the figures are there to back up it .

The show has been an annual one because the game’s launch way back in 1996, and it appears we might be gearing for another announcement.

A Lot of People are part of this Resident Evil Ambassador program, a team of sorts Which You Can sign up for this includes stat monitoring in the a Variety of Resident Evil Titles invites and special objects to events.

A few of the ambassadors have turned into a telling which appears to point at some form of statement, as you can see from MattRPD beneath. It states”about” here, which might signify that the date is elastic.

We’ve Got rumors regarding both the forthcoming Resident Evil 8, in Addition to the movie of Resident Evil 4, Both of which are supposedly to come within the upcoming few years.

It is obviously possible that this may be related to either of those. There is even rumors that Sony is likely to have an event or set of events beginning June 3rd.

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