Silent Hill Is Coming In June

Silent Hill is coming in video game form, although not in its own very own movie game.

Pyramid Head and Cheryl Mason (also called Heather) are coming to Dead by Daylight as playable characters. The following chapter in the multiplayer terror game will hit PC and consoles June 16, and it’ll allow players fight to live kill everyone in a brand new map based on Silent Hill’s Midwich Elementary School.

Mason – Silent Hill 3’s protagonist – seems as a survivor that is fresh, whilst Pyramid Head measures into his role as a killer. If you do not need to wait till June to perform, you can attempt Dead by Daylight: Silent Hill out today on Steam from the Public Test Build.

Dead by Daylight hosts a star-studded Choice of crossover characters earlier, such as a Stranger Matters chapter which brought from the Demogorgon as a killer And looks for Michael Myers and Freddy Krueger. This is the very first time by Daylight has spanned over with a different game – and it could hardly have chosen a villain by game horror’s background. Nevertheless, the Nurse killer which has been added back in 2016 was fairly motivated by Silent Hill.

Although It Isn’t the newest Silent Hill game that fans were hoping for – and – that Konami Might Have started teasing again – it’s a start. We will have to see if any nods can be discovered by lovers Into Silent Hill after they begin tearing by Daylight in this Dead content.

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